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History, nature, art, nightlife, beach life, shopping, birding, fishing ... pick your pleasure and chances are you'll find it nearby. You'll probably even find a friendly group of like-minded souls to help you enjoy it! Key Allegro Island is close to it all.

Welcome to the Key Allegro Canal and Property Owners Association, Inc. website. This web site was created to provide information relevant to residents and property owners of Key Allegro Island in Rockport, Texas. If you are considering a purchase on Key Allegro Island or renting one of our available properties, this site provides valuable information for your decision-making and stay.

News You Can Use Now

Board of Directors Meetings

PLEASE NOTE: KACPOA Board Meetings will be held the following dates at the Allegro House at 8:30 AM, subject to change.

Meetings for 2017

January 9 February 6 March 13
April 10 May 8 June 12
July 10 August - no meeting September 11
October 9 November 13 December 11


Annual Meeting - Last Saturday in February - 10:00 am - at Allegro House, 29 Mazatlán

NEXTDOOR - A Private Social Network For Neighborhoods

NEXTDOOR is a private social network for neighborhoods, to improve communication at the neighborhood level. This social media platform is used as a neighborhood forum to report neighborhood services, concerns, safety issues, and other worthy news.

Residents can join NEXTDOOR for free by visiting All members must verify that they live within the neighborhood before joining NEXTDOOR. Information shared on NEXTDOOR is password-protected and cannot be accessed by search engines.

Key Allegro & Harbor Oaks have partnered up - there are currently 193 members, and growing.

Letter to Key Allegro Property Owners

Dear Key Allegro Property Owner,

Key Allegro is a unique and wonderful island community. One of its most important features is the canal system. Canal lots have concrete bulkheads which are critical to the canal system. These bulkheads were put in when the island was developed, and some are more than 50 years old. Many are in need of repair. High tides allow the water to wash over the tops and wash out under and around the bulkheads, causing erosion and drifting of soil into the canals. A few are even in danger of collapse. Some have sunk to a level that they are under water most of the time and no longer serving their purpose.

It is important to the integrity of the whole island that these bulkheads be maintained. That includes adding caps and making other major repairs as necessary so that we have a continuous barrier in all of the canals.

These bulkheads are each individual homeowner's responsibility to maintain. The deed restrictions impose this obligation on each owner. It is really important that these be maintained, to protect the integrity of each lot, and our neighbor's lots as well. If you are getting water in your yard over your bulkhead, you need to make a repair.

Chris Veatch is your point of contact for issues. He can be reached at 361-557-4252, email at

Handy link

What You Need to Know About Golf Carts and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

State Law

  1. A “golf cart”, as defined in Sec. 502.001(18) of the Texas Transportation Code, is a motor vehicle designed by the manufacturer primarily for transporting persons on a golf course.
  2. Sec. 551.301 defines a "neighborhood electric vehicle" (NEV) as a vehicle that can attain a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour on a paved level surface and otherwise complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 500 (49 C.F.R. Section 571.500).

There are 6 more points to the state law concerning golf carts and 8 points in the City of Rockport's ordinance about golf carts. We also have a nifty graphic about exactly what's needed by who where.

An operator must possess a valid driver’s license and obey all Texas laws and traffic regulations.

Read all the points and see the graphic here.

Helpful Resource is an Internet database of county and state government offices in the United States. This helpful resource includes phone numbers and directions nationwide.

Posted April 30, 2015

FEMA Flood Mapping for Aransas County

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

The FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) is the official public source for flood hazard information produced in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Use the MSC to find your official flood map, access a range of other flood hazard products, and take advantage of tools for better understanding flood risk.

FEMA flood maps are continually updated through a variety of processes. Effective information that you download or print from this site may change or become superseded by new maps over time. For additional information, please see the Flood Hazard Mapping Updates Overview Fact Sheet.

Looking for a Flood Map? Click Here

This is the powerpoint presentation FEMA used for the new preliminary flood mapping for Aransas County. It will become final in a year to 18 months. Key Allegro is affected by changes in the flood risk and subsequent changes to premiums.

To view, click here.

Swimming Pool

Closed until further notice.

Island Manager

Chris Veatch is your point of contact for issues concerning the pool, Allegro House and general island Maintenance. He can be reached at 361-557-4252, email at
Your secondary contact is Parkie L Luce, with Luce Properties at 1809 Bay Shore Drive. She can be reached at 361-729-9161

Recreational Vehicles

Owners and their guests are reminded that vehicles as are considered recreational vehicles may not be left on or adjacent to a property for more than 30 days and all exterior lighting must be shielded to not present a glare nuisance as stated by ARTICLE X paragraph 12 (a) and 13 of the Deed Restrictions. These requirements enhance the value of our properties and make our evenings more enjoyable for our neighbors.

CodeRED Emergency Notification System

During an emergency, the City of Rockport and Aransas County will implement the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. Citizens with caller ID on their phones should take note that the caller name that appears is "CodeRED" and that the call will come from 855-969-4636 or a 361 number. The system will call each telephone number in the database. Once answered, the system will deliver a short voice message to you or your answering machine. If a recipient of a call wants to hear the message again, calling the phone number that appears on the caller ID will give residents the opportunity to listen to the call again. If the call is not answered or if the line is busy, the system will attempt to make the call again. The system can also send this emergency message to a cell phone by SMS (text) and can be received by email.

Residents must register with the system in order to receive messages from CodeRED. If you have already signed up through FirstCall, your information has already been transferred. 

Residents can contact Lt. Larry Sinclair at (361) 790-1134 if they have questions or need assistance.

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